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World Marketing Comfort Glow CEH255 Oscillating Ceramic Safety Furnace (15 Amp 120V)

World Marketing

SKU: 29633823

Comfort Glow's CEH255 ceramic safety furnace offers a sleekly designed heater loaded with features. This ceramic safety furnace features ceramic fin heating elements that permit maximum air flow for fast whole room heating. This heating design is both economical and efficient. The built-in thermostat and dual wattage selection allow you to choose your desired heat setting for the area being heated. A fan only setting allows the unit's heating elements to be turned off while still circulating air throughout the room. This allows the unit to be productive year-round. Safety features for this unit include an overheat shut-off as well as a tip-over shut off device. The CEH255's added oscillating base design helps to further spread warmth throughout the area being heated.

Adjustable Thermostat
Ceramic fin elements
800/1500 watt power settings
Fan only setting
Overheat/Tip-over shut-off
Oscillates to provide a wide heating area
Power indicator light
Top mounted control panel

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