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Lethal® No1 Gun Oil


SKU: 100438

Lethal’s No 1 Gun Cleaning Kit comes with our new Tough Towels (1 large and 1 small) as well as a can of our No 1 Gun Oil that does the following

Cleans – Removes caked dirt, oil, grease, fouling and dust, Helps prevent jams and malfunctions caused by dirt, Breaks down and removes carbon & rust

Lubricates – Resists evaporation, separation and gumming, Oil penetrates into the tiniest nooks, gaps and spaces coating all moving parts, Maintains slickness in extreme heat and cold

Waterproofs – Displaces moisture to prevent rust, Does not breakdown with water, sweat or humidity

Conditions – Keeps bore like new, promoting consistent accuracy, Keeps all metal, wood, plastics and polymers fresh, clean, shiny and new

Protects – Coats & protects all parts during use or storage, Long lasting – less applications, Prevents rust, corrosion and pitting, Does not attract dust or dirt

Lethal® No1 Gun Oil is a revolutionary single use lubricant THAT DOES IT ALL. SAFE FOR all metal, wood, rubber, laminates, multi-color camo patterns or molded-in colors & polymer-frames.

Helps Prevent Jams & Malfunctions Caused by Dirt
Breaks Down and Removes Carbon & Rust
Oil Penetrates into the Tiniest Nooks, Gaps & Spaces
Coating All Moving Parts
Coats & Protects All Parts During Use or Storage
Prevents Rust, Corrosion and Pitting
Does Not Attract Dust or Dirt
Long Lasting – Fewer Applications

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