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Fi-Shock Solar Fence Charger (2 Mile)


SKU: 134155

This Compact Energizer Delivers More Shocking Power to A Fence Than Larger Conventional Models. Range Up to 2 Miles Under Ideal Conditions. Fi Shock Solar Powered Electric Fence Charger covers 2 miles of steel/aluminum, poly wire/poly rope or poly tape fencing. Best for pets and small animals such as poultry. Ideal for remote areas without electricity. Keeps unwanted critters out of your garden, shrubbery and garbage.

Features built-in solar panel and 4-volt battery; 0.04 joule output. Features low-impedance technology, meaning 1/3 less drain on your battery than standard fence energizers. Resists shorts when in contact with grass and weeds. 1 year warranty. Made in the USA. 0.04 joule output. Good for controlling rabbits, poultry, or dogs. Mileage rating for fencers is based on a single strand of wire. Divide the mileage shown by the number of strand in your fence to determine the maximum recommended fence length. 1 year warranty. Made in the USA.

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