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HEAT SHRINK KIT 3 Wire (Black)

American Granby

SKU: 10200004

Heat Shrink Splicing Kit Features:
 Excellent dielectric strength and can be shrunk over a large diameter
connector and still effectively seals watertight down to a small diameter cable.
 Available in two, three and four wire kits. Designed to fit the new, smaller O.D.
pump leads.
 No grease tape or epoxy is needed.
 Highly resistant to moisture, fungus and weathering.
 Supplied w/ EC1410 wire connectors for #14-#10 gauge wire. (EC6/8 for LHS Series.)
 Private labeling available for minimum orders of 200 kits.
 Bulk tubing available.
 Third party certified to NSF/ANSI 372.
Wire Connector Features:
 Provides quick, safe and sure electrical connection.
 13/16” in length.

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