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Hillman Group Hardware Essentials Eye And Eye Turnbuckle Zinc

Hillman Group

SKU: 024716

Hardware Essentials Eye and Eye Turnbuckles Zinc (3/8"-16 x 10-5/8") 5 Pack are great for adjusting tensions between rope or cables. One hook is located at each end of the turn buckle. Slowly turn either to adjust tension. Available in several sizes. Each Turnbuckles is zinc finished.

  • ADJUSTABLE TENSION: Turnbuckles are made for adjusting tensions between rope or cables; to adjust tension, slowly rotate either end
  • COMBINE WITH ANCHOR SHACKLES: Great to pair with anchor shackles for maximum strength and security while connecting ropes and cables
  • Eye & EYE: With an eye at each end, this turnbuckle offers the secure hold of two eyes
  • SEVERAL FINISHES/SIZES: Turnbuckles are available in a variety of finishes and sizes, allowing you to find the exact product you need for any given project or aesthetic
  • Five (5) flagged items per sellable unit
  • Item sold individually at retail

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