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Oatey® 1.5 oz. 40/60 Acid Core Wire Solder (1.5 oz)


SKU: 684937

Oatey® Acid Core Wire Solder is a tin-lead alloy wire solder with an acid flux core. This solder is designed for general use, such as repairing galvanized gutters and filling metal seams. Oatey products have earned the trust of plumbing professional for over 100 years.

1-1/2 oz.
Wire solder containing acid flux core
40/60 alloy made of 40% tin and 60% lead
Great for repairing galvanized gutters and filling metal seams
General use solder
361°-460°F melting range
Flux and solder in one saves time and money; increases bond strengh; and ensures even application of flux and solder
Contains lead, not for use on drinking water lines
Acid core solder should not be used on electrical parts

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