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Shepherd Hardware 3/4-Inch Heavy Duty Self-Adhesive Felt Furniture Pads, 20-Pack, Beige (3/4")

Shepherd Hardware

SKU: 834319

The Shepherd Hardware 3/4-inch self-adhesive felt pads are an easy-to-install protection against marring surfaces such as hardwood, linoleum, vinyl, asphalt, tile, terrazzo, marble, etc. Product is highly durable and very easy to use.

Felt allows for discreet scratch-free motion over wood, tile, and laminate floors, but can also be added to countless surfaces as a buffer and barrier at home, the office or your vehicle
Heavy Duty felt pads are composed of extra-dense recycled PE blend with an extra hardening process to ensure rigid, long-lasting performance
Easy to install - Simply clean, peel, and stick
Surface preparation is key - Surfaces should be free of dirt & debris and sanded if wooden for maximum performance
3/4 inch beige round 5mm thick felt pads - 20 Pack

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